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ILS: Then and Now
ILS: Then and Now
Victoria Betancourt, Editor in Chief / Sports Editor • June 3, 2022

Alumnus, Elvis Cruz (Class of 1975) found an invaluable piece of school history within his possession: a student handbook from 1967. Seeing how different La Salle was then compared to now not only...

A Ukrainian soldier standing next to a destroyed Russian tank.
Ukraine Today
May 10, 2022
COVID.. still?
COVID.. still?
May 9, 2022
El Último Tour Del Mundo, Three Nights Straight

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2nd Annual Al Diaz Chasing the Light Contest Shines at ILS

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June 3, 2022

There’s no mistaking it: Homecoming Week, or “HOCO” as we’ve so affectionately dubbed it, is...

Freshman/Senior Day: A Welcoming Tradition

June 3, 2022

Most freshmen and seniors alike dread Freshman/Senior day. It’s basically an unspoken rule at this...

The Secret Fourth Floor Pool

June 3, 2022

Being a senior at ILS has many advantages. There are the fun events like prom, GradBash, senior skip...

NBA Playoffs HEATing Up

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ILS Sailing Team Advances to Nationals

May 11, 2022

The ILS sailing team had a successful weekend in Charleston, North Carolina and will now be attending...

It’s All For Them: ILS Football Fanatics

May 5, 2022

Like the blood family one has known for so long, school becomes the second family in someone’s youth....

Who Will Win?

April 29, 2022

In the game of basketball, fans can’t help but go crazy over the NBA Playoffs. Your home team made...