ILS Swim Team take on Coral Shores’ Waters


Melanie Scheel Sikaffy, Writer

The ILS swim team took on the wavy waters of Coral Shores as they participated at their events.

“It’s the meet that the team looks forward to the most as it’s always super fun and the other team is super nice and supportive,”said senior Sam Getchell, team captain.

As the team was on their trip to the Keys, the morale was high and and the excitement was there to meet their fellow competitors with sportsmanship as their personal tradition goes. They adjust their swim caps as they are about to leap into these events with senior Sophia Mena participating in the 200 meter medley relay with freestyle, while Getchell did a 50-meter breaststroke in a 200 medley relay and a 50 meters freestyle in a 200 freestyle relay.

Although they came back with a strong mentality, the feeling of getting back into the routine is there as Getchell explains, “I used to do 100 meters of both free and breast, but after quarantine in which there was a lack of pools to practice in, I definitely am not in shape enough to do those now. The 50 free was easier than the breast, as it was my first time swimming breast all season.” 

This hasn’t been their only readjustemt as they have received a new coach and program which captain Getchell and co-captain, senior Cata-Lujan Rodriguez, have worked to support and welcome them for the team to keep improving and growing.

Yet, their love for the sport is there as they brought their bells to ding-a-ling good luck to their fellow teammates and competitors too as they joined in the cheering. As they kicked and splashed water in the pool lanes, their motivation for the end of the day was to withhold a bonding tradition.

“So usually after Coral Shores, we all go as a team to Wendy’s on our way back; we eat together, we bond together, and yeah, we just laugh, live, love,” said Mena.

“We were joking, cheering on each other, and saying ‘do it for Wendy’s!’,” Getchell added.

Unfortunately, Wendy’s was apparently too busy being on Twitter as it was closed by the time the team was heading there. They’re heading to the Belen invitational next, accompanied by various teams, on October 15th so “come out and support!” as Mena suggested excitedly.

If you do wish to see them after the meet though, you’ll know where to find them now as a smiling red-headed girl wearing braids comes into view down the street. Hope to see you there to support the swimming team.