Rewriting History: ILS Football

Miguel Gomez, Writer

Before winning their final game of the season against Archbishop McCarthy, the ILS football team remained victorious in their matchup against North Broward Prep October 29th, 2021.

Once you show the bouncer your student ID, you already feel the exhilaration from your friends as they shout towards you saying “GET IN HERE!” The football team gloriously exits the tunnel prepared to take down whatever NBP has waiting for them on the field.

Easily, the football team got to score 6 touchdowns, 7 sacks, and 49 tackles, resulting in a 48-0 win. It was one of their last games in the season where they achieved 9-0 heading into the last game soon.

“Super confident; Homecoming gets pumped and ready,” said sophomore safety Jaylen Morris.

Even though it was just another win in the record, players self reflect and get stronger from their mistakes. Their coaches have been striving discipline and they have shown it.

“ Yes, I could have played better. I’m starting to get more familiar with playing defense and getting more disciplined.” said sophomore cornerback and wide receiver La’Varis Stanford.”

Training hasn’t been easy either, and the students at ILS see how they get to work everyday after school. Doing drills, practicing plays, and running routes is just part of what they’ve been doing to become the team they are today.

“Our coaches have been training us hard so we could defeat our opponents. I am trying my best to hit hard and do good in my drills,” said sophomore cornerback Lucas Morera.

Now that the boys have achieved their 10-0 record, they are headed into playoffs. What might hit them is unknown, but they sure are ready to hit back ten times harder.