Lionettes Gearing Up for 2021


Olga Cortes, Writer

The Lionettes are a common name in the ILS community. They are the dance team for the royal lions. On January 27’s episode of LTV, the Lionettes showcased their team for the entire school to see. 

The video created by junior Josie Novo consisted of pre-covid clips of the dancers in the natural element. It even includes a voice-over of what it means to be a Lionette.

Some pre-covid clips include the dancers at nationals from the previous year. The video also presented the audience with how the Lionettes are dealing with Covid-19 regulations. 

Clips are seen with the dancers practicing in masks. 

The dancers, throughout the entire video, were seen practicing, competing, and overall having fun!

Yet junior Josie Novo seems to think that the video didn’t do the essence of the team justice.

“Honestly, I don’t think it did. In my opinion, no video or picture could ever capture just how much love and effort we put into the team,” Novo said.

“From the beginners to the more experienced girls we want to give it our all in order to go out on stage and be absolutely amazing. That sort of emotion, the desire, the dedication could never be fully seen on camera. That comes out in our performances, our practices, and the way we all talk about and respect our commitment to the team.”

The team’s dedication is shown as we see the team practicing almost throughout the entire video. We see how close the team is. 

“Working with the Lionettes is a very positive and friendly environment,” said junior Catalina Mercado. “I personally love all my teammates and have bonds with each and every one of them. They help you if you’re falling behind and we all grow better together.”

The LTV segment showcased a powerful team and allowed the audience to see what being Lionette means. Anyone interested in more information about the Lionettes can reach out to Mrs. De Arce via email: