The Royal Cheer Team: Looking Ahead


ILS Cheer Team

Our Royal Cheer team performed phenomenally during the head-to-head.

Allison Perez, Writer

Our Royal Lion cheerleaders are back and better than ever, getting ready to showcase their brand new routines at competitions. In the past, they’ve gotten first at various events, such as the 2021 UCA National Competition and the 2021/2020 FHSAA State Competition. 

Now, from dancing to tumbling to carrying their teammates up high, these girls have shown off how hard they’ve been working at our football games and pep rallies, never failing to leave the crowd amazed. 

On November 11, the team went off to Our Lady of Lourdes High School in order to present to other schools their routine with hopes of receiving critiques that will help them compose themselves and make sure they’re ready for competition season. Joining them was the Our Lady of Lourdes cheer team, also hoping to receive corrections that will prepare them for the coming time. 

Overall, our team obtained great scores as they performed in sections. 

“We did receive good scores and are looking at bettering our pyramid, but in the end it was an amazing way to start off our season. Plus, it got our freshman into competition mode,” commented senior and varsity cheer captain, Ivana Major. 

Major, like some of her fellow cheerleaders, joined the cheer team freshman year after already having been a part of a separate cheer program. But this team ended up shaping her high school journey and led to a closer bond than she ever expected. 

“For the past four years, each [one] has been completely different, but I love how far we’ve come in such little time,” she remembered.

“I love my teammates, and I’ve met some of my closest friends through cheering.””

— Sofia Placencia

Sammy Reyes, a freshman on the team, says that she “really loves [the] team because it’s helped [her] make so many new friends.” 

As for the recent head-to-head, Reyes added, “This was a really good chance to practice our routine in front of crowds and really get all of our nerves out. My favorite part was being able to connect and bond with my team.”

Excitement and nerves are building up as competitions approach, but we know that these Royal Lions are more than prepared. We wish them the best of luck and are ready to cheer them on every step of the way!