Your One Stop Shop For SAT and ACT Test Prep

Emma Rodriguez, Writer

As the end of the year approaches and seniors are getting all of their paperwork ready for college, the last thing to do is to send in their test scores. For sophomores and juniors who are just starting to prepare for these tests, here’s some testing day advice from the seniors.

“Time yourself for the sections while studying, especially for the math section,” said senior Josephine Novo.

When you get the test day jitters that usually starts the week of and continues on to the day, this senior has some good advice to have the anxiety at a minimum.

“As for testing anxiety, I would do SAT practices and rest the entire week of the test so I would be prepared and energized to take the test,” said senior Melanie Scheel.

“Don’t procrastinate and wait two weeks prior of the test to study,” said seniors Clementina Daboin and Isabella Ochoa.

As you start to study and prepare for your college entrance exams, don’t forget to breathe, and remember you could always take these tests again if you don’t like your first score.