It’s Just My Thing


Soshanna Argüello

Warn the other team about 19, because he fears nobody.

Miguel Gomez, Writer

For the first steps of his soccer career, Gianfranco Argüello did not need a video; he just did the work. He is commonly known as an outstanding varsity sophomore midfielder, but what did it take to get this far?

“I train about two to three times a day, and then on weekends I have games. I guess the only break I have is Sunday… but normally I don’t,” Argüello stated

Just like any other student-athlete, he has to apply himself and his studies. Soccer has lit a flame in his heart that is hard to put out, but he still knows he has to take academics seriously.

“If I were to choose something academically, it would be business. If not the maybe a lawyer because that’s my STEM class, Law,” Argüello added.

As phenomenal as he may be with cleats on, he doesn’t want to be the center of attention. He is just doing his own thing day in and night out.

“Just being a chill dude. Honestly, I don’t see myself wanting anyone to notice anything, maybe that would be it, just a normal personality.” Argüello added.

Already, looking to balance schoolwork and his passion has given him rough days. All he knows is he’ll keep on going everyday. Many serious athletes know this feeling of loving the pain and the journey.

“It has gotten really hard sometimes, to just keep going and staying dedicated. Yeah, it’s exhausting, and it takes a lot of your mental strength,” Argüello said. ”

When people say they want to be at the professional level, in whatever they do, they give up because “it’s too hard.” Argüello tries to be humble and consistent, and nobody could take that away from him because he’s just doing his own thing.