Miami Dolphins Head Coach Fired


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Brian Flores

Daniella Jansen, Writer

Brian Flores, the head coach of the Miami Dolphins was fired on Monday morning. After the team finished with a 9-8 season and a 33-24 victory against the New England Patriots at Hard Rock stadium. Stephen Ross the owner stated, “I believe we have a talented young roster in place and have the opportunity to be much better in 2022. I want to thank Brian for his hard work and wish him nothing but the best in his future.” Flores had a 24-25 record in his three seasons as the Dolphins head coach, but he did fail to get the Dolphins to the playoffs. It is confirmed that Dolphins fired Flores with owner Stephen Ross saying the coach was not collaborating properly at an organizational level to sustain success.

We asked the students of ILS their opinions on the decision to fire Brian Flores, former Dolphins head coach.

Jude Servius, a senior, states his opinion on the matter: “ I feel like it was a poor decision by the Dolphins to release. The Dolphins just got Jaylen Waddle and they were having a really good season despite not making the playoffs. I feel as if it’s going to cause a lot of havoc in the Dolphins’ team connection and trust.”

Christina Blanco, a senior at ILS said, “My dad is a huge fan of the Dolphins but thinks that the coach makes bad decisions which causes them to lose so he was happy he got fired, and he’s excited to see how a new coach can positively affect the team.”

Bianca Bartolommeo, a senior said, “I’m not a huge football fan and I’m not entirely sure of the reason behind it but I don’t think the head football coach of the Dolphins should have been fired. They had a pretty good season and the day before it was announced they won against their rivals, the Patriots.”