Restaurant Review: Grazianos in Coral Gables

Grazianos restaurant in the Gables.

Grazianos restaurant in the Gables.

Ryan Desalle, Writer

Located in Coral Gables, Grazianos is unlike any other restaurant here in Miami. From the moment you walk in, you are completely taken into a whole new country. Argentinian Music, dimmed lights , and a marker inside makes you feel like you aren’t in Miami anymore.

Grazianos is a very unique restaurant. There isn’t any waiters, or someone who sits you down, you are in control. To order your food you get view an uncooked visual of there menu located in the back of the restaurant. Ranging from Mediterranean to Latin food, you have plenty to choose from. Highly recommended is there bread alongside with a salad and rib eye steak.

If the main meal doesn’t grab your attention then the bakery connected to the restaurant might with Italian styled deserts such a conollies, and your favorite American chocolate covered strawberries.

With a 4.4 star on yelp the customers speak there love for there restaurant with one commenting, “it’s a very family friendly place to eat at, with delicious food. It really gives off a vibe in a foreign country.”

If you aren’t looking it sit down and eat then the Market that’s also connected might be for you. Where you can buy fresh vegetables, to fruits, and Argentinian candies and goodies.

Alongside from food Grazianos sells wine. If you are looking to relax and enjoy a very traditional dinner than Grazianos is a place to eat at.