Our Night!


Just because we’re winning doesn’t mean we’ll relax.We can rest when the game ends.

Miguel Gomez, Writer

Remebering the foam seats they knew so well on those bus rides, to celebrating at Flanigan’s after a successful game, the Girl’s Soccer seniors end their season with a night to remember. After sweeping Downtown Doral 7-1, their Senior Night took place on that field that had given them so much. Looking back at their rookie days you find yourself saying, “It’s amazing how a couple of black and white pentagons could’ve brought these ladies so close?”

You could see the joy they had when their names were called up as they reminisced over their favorite memories. Everyone focused on them in that specific moment as they walked through the field wearing crowns and tiaras, holding flowers and soccer balls because this was THEIR night!

“Bus rides for the game against Coral Shores, and going back and forth is just special times,” said Elisa Chong.

Over the time together, some of these ladies found themselves making friendships with people they didn’t expect to become close with. This chemistry they have built shows how they have been really successful in winning and dealing with the pressure.

“It’s definitely exhausting, but if you really love the sport, then it’s easier. Yeah, I do love it,” added Ana De La Mar.

From a fan’s perspective, some may think that any physical activity is about your body’s abilities. What they really don’t know is the mental hurdles these young athletes have to acrobatically heave themselves over.

“ It’s only your mind, and I don’t struggle with that much, but it’s definitely on my mind and everybody’s mind. That’s what makes you a great player,” said Antonieta Bravo.”

Despite taking different paths after their last states run together, the girls have made so many deep connections to that of sisterhood. Along the ride they made many memories, some hilarious, some hyped, and even some really melancholic moments, but all they can do is enjoy their night.