ILS Cold Weather Tips


Miami is definitely not used to the cold weather, but when it gets cold, all the winter clothes comes out for use.Jacksts, beanies, etc.

Laura Berry, Writer

Miami is known for being a typically warm, sunny place. Sometimes there’ll be a few days in the 60s or low 70s, but other than that, it’s pretty warm.
But recently, the weather has a been a bit cooler than usual, with Miami being hit with a cold front. To help students out if they get cold at school, below are some chilly weather tips:

1. Sweaters

At ILS, there are a wide array of sweaters sold on campus, ready to be purchased behind the big glass shelf in the cafeteria. So, if you don’t have a sweater already, you can get one there.
“I never come to school without a sweater because you never know if  you’ll get cold,” commented senior Brianna Ramos.

2. Hot Beverages

ILS students have the privilege of having a tea, coffee, and hot chocolate station in the cafeteria. If it feels colder in the mornings, it’s super convenient to have these during breakfast. You can even take them into class with go cups!
“Every morning, I start the day with a cup of coffee from the coffee station,” said junior Alessia Quirros.

Make sure to get to breakfast on time so you can get a coffee, tea, or hot coco. (

3. School Pants
Having at least one pair of school pants is a good idea for staying prepared for chilly days at ILS. So if you don’t own a pair, you can purchase them at AA Uniform, now called Dennis Uniform, or if the drive is too far, you can always order them online (but my advice is to go in person, so you can see that they fit well).

4. New Sweatpants
That’s right! ILS finally decided to make sweatpants.
Unfortunately, they are not available anymore (for now), but if they are available to purchase again, it’s a good idea to get a pair.
“They are aren’t too thick or too thin, they are super comfy, and I totally recommend them,” senior Victoria Cajigas added.

The new sweatpants can only be used on Fridays, so make sure to have a pair of pants to wear throughout the week.

5. Sweater Into Sweatpants Hack
This hack is a life saver when it’s cold and you don’t have school pants. Basically, just use the sweater sleeves as pants. It’s that simple!

6. Soups At Lunch
If you’re feeling cold, having a bowl of soup can be very helpful. ILS has different soups to choose from everyday at lunch.

ButterNut Squash soup is actually one of the many soups served at ILS. (

7. Enjoy It!
Since cold weather is pretty rare to have in Miami, why not enjoy it? For example, you can go to the bay to just sit and feel the chilly winds and cool air…