Meet Mr.Ierardi, La Salle’s newest Chemistry Teacher


Mr. John Ierardi joined the ILS science department this year.

Lia Sarria, Writer

Mr. John Ierardi is the newest addition to the science department and teaches freshman and juniors. He has had a great start to the school year with both of the grades he teaches.

Mr. Ierardi said his way into teaching started in college through tutoring.

“It was really just something on the side of being like a broke college kid. By then I started to realize that I was actually really enjoying it. So I took an education class, and I really enjoyed that.

“And then I was in a classroom and got to talking to some teachers, and it just seemed like a fun kind of way to spend your life. And I’m also just kind of a nerd when it comes to science. So that helps to.”

Mr. Ierardi teaches both Biology and Chemistry here at ILS. Of the two, he seems to prefer Chemistry.

“I was always very good at chemistry. But when I got to higher levels of chemistry in college, I became more interested. And it was really just because you get to dealing with kind of more like dangerous chemicals, and you get to do kind of some more fun experiments. It’s more exciting, I guess.”

Mr. Ierardi is glad to be teaching at ILS, because his previous experience involved teaching at the middle school level. He prefers teaching at the high school level because “you can kind of get into more complex topics.”

The unique nature of ILS has impressed Mr. Ierardi.

“I’ve gotten along with a lot of the teachers. Everyone is very helpful if I need anything, I don’t hesitate to reach out. The students are all very welcoming, very helpful, which is something that you don’t see everywhere. Personally, I feel welcome here. I think it’s been a good fit.”

The students of La Salle seem to like him and thank him for being the best teacher he can be everyday.