Mu Alpha Theta: The Ins and Outs of Competing


Natalie Gaviria

Members of Mu Alpha Theta getting ready for competition.

Emma Rodriguez, Writer

Mu Alpha Theta is one of the many honor societies we have at La Salle. It is for students who excel at mathematics and compete in competitions against other high schools. On January 30, the students of Mu Alpha Theta along with their moderators Ms. Quintero and Ms. Arrieta, traveled to Florida Atlantic University to compete at a math competition.

“After doing sports my whole life, it’s fun to be part of a team that has to do with academics and getting to bond with my classmates over our shared interest of mathematics,” said senior Natalie Gaviria.

When the team first gets to the competition, the team huddles up and gets a pep talk and general instructions from their moderators, Ms. Quintero and Ms. Arrieta. Before starting the competition, the team always eats a spoonful of honey, a tradition that was started a few years ago for good luck.

“After practicing during F block and after school, we as a team have improved since last year, and I can say that I am a better competitor than last year because of it,” commented senior Sebastian Larrota.

During the competition, there are two tests that the team has to take. Each member gets 60 minutes to answer 30 questions based on what math class they are in. After the individual questions are answered, four students are chosen to take the team test for their subject. This year, seniors Sebastian Larrota, Justin Callahan, Sophie Mena, and Valentina Guerazzi from the calculus class competed, answering 15 questions in 60 minutes.

“I really enjoy being on the MAO executive board. We have a great team and great moderators. Since I was on the team last year, I use my experience to guide this year’s team and help them succeed,” said senior Erin Swan.

After every competition, win or lose, the team goes out to lunch to comment on everyone’s performance and relax after a stressful competition. This year the team went to Chipotle.