Coming After Them



It’s all fun and games until you set foot on her field.

Miguel Gomez, Writer

Doubt clouds the path of every high school athlete on his way to college. It’s only the one percent all across America that finds a way to fire up their ambition, and take out the competition. ILS is filled with these one percenters, but one no one thinks to neglect among the students and faculty, is Ashley Fonseca. Despite already being committed to a Division one school, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fonseca will continue to study her competition films in order to predict what moves they’ll pull off once they attempt to get into her territory, the goal line.

“I think she’s very versatile when it comes to sports. She can kinda play everything; she’s amazing at soccer, softball, and she can be mean at basketball,” said her boyfriend and sophomore, Max Scutt.

It almost seems as if Fonseca were made for this. Sure, hard work beats talent any day of the week, but she has been brought up with soccer in her blood. Soccer is ingrained deeply in her DNA, and nobody could take that type of talent away.

“I feel like the talent kind of runs in the family because everyone plays soccer. My grandpa played for the National Team of Honduras, when he was young my dad played soccer too in high school, my uncle as well… Honestly everyone is an athlete in my family,” she explained.

While math may not be everyone’s strong suit, neither is it for Fonseca, but why should she slack because she’s already committed? It’s actually quite the opposite for her as she arrives to class with the same hunger for success as she does on the field.

“I think what a lot of people don’t notice is how dedicated she really is. She puts an insane amount of work not only in her athletic side of school, but her academics as well, and balances those two out,” said Scutt.

At the end of the day, Fonseca will remember always to stay humble with all the recognition she gets. While she does appreciate all the positivity, she will not let it get to her head and lose track of what is important, soccer.

“ Honestly, I don’t really let it get to me. I kinda just brush it off. I really don’t pay attention to it. Coach Slim always calls me ‘What’s up, future athlete?’ or ‘Future All-Star’, but I don’t make a big deal out of it,” said Fonseca.”