LAX Senior Night at ILS

LAX Senior Night at ILS

Jadilah Fernandez, Features Editor

The Lacrosse team has been doing an outstanding job for the past few days as they proudly represented ILS. On Wednesday night, they had a phenomenal senior night as they defeated St. Brendan 14-4.


Picture taken from LTV

Seniors Oscar Echegaray (scoring 4 goals and 1 assist) and Gabriel Brache (had 2 goals) were leading the team. In addition, Nicolas Wallen scored 4 goals, Nick Dominguez had 2 goals, Gavin Kuppers had 1 goal, and defenseman Lucas Brenda scored his first goal. 

Proudly, senior Gabriel Díaz-Benítez and the rest of the defense held St. Brendan to just 4 goals. 

Michael Boza, goalie, did an outstanding job recording 12 saves and a second half shutout. 

Special congratulations to seniors:

Oscar Echegaray 

Mitchell Callahan 

Gabe Diaz 

Gabriel Brache 

Sebastián Forbet

Pedro Chevallier 

Besides Senior Night, the Lacrosse team has been working hard to get several wins and that’s exactly what they did. “It feels good to get a win and hopefully we can get used to more this season,” said senior Oscar Echegaray. We are looking forward to see our LAX team succeed in the future!