Fashion Trends for Summer 2022


Laura Berry

With summertime, there are so many ways to style your outfits. This year, the theme is colorful and relaxed at the beach to a fun night out!

Laura Berry, Writer

Since summer is just around the corner, I’ve been thinking…

What am I going to wear?!

Well, since I’ll be traveling, I thought what better than to dive into the fashion world and do some research on what fashion trends will debut in the summer time.

So, below are my top fashion trends for the summer:

If there is one trend I’ve been loving, it’s crochet. Crochet bags, tops, hats, etc. Anything crochet, I am here for it. Here are some perfect examples to give you an idea of what types of crochet items you can choose from:

These soft, colorful bags can hold your summer essentials like sunscreen or a water bottle. (Urban Oufitter)
This top has  such pretty summer colors. I am obsessed! (Emmiol
This top reminds me of like 70’s beach style. I’m loving the bright green and white mixed together. Perfect summer color combo. (Hollister)
And of course, who needs those uncomfortable caps when you can wear crochet hats! Perfect for sitting out in the sun for cute beach pictures. (

Cottage Core Style
In the summer time, fashion likes to bring in the garden and nature vibes back with some soft colors and floral detailing. Here are some fun examples to style this look:

This dress is so cute for the summer. It’s light, simple, and effortlessly pretty. (Pinterest)
I love light blue as you can tell! I think these soft colors are perfect for the summer time.(Pinterest).
This outfit reminds me of a little fairy garden. It’s so whimsical and fun. Romanticize your life and try a look like this for the summer (Pinterest).

Sun Dresses and Cow Girl Boots
I mean, you really can’t go wrong with a cute sun dress. For this summer, I’m thinking short dresses with sneakers or cow girl boots–the perfect outfit for traveling. I love the Italian vibe this looks gives off, too. Here are some great examples:

This gives off western, cowgirl look. This is such a great outfit when you want to take pictures with friends (Pinterest).
Florals and boots. I love these bright, fun colors. Perfect for the summer (Pinterest).
This is a picture of a young woman in the 70’s. I love the vibes of this picture! It  gives off a summer day in Italy feel. (Pinterest)

Well, this may be biased, but I just got a pair of overalls from free people, and I absolutely love them. I cannot wait to wear them to the beach or out and about on my summer adventures. Here are some ways to style them:

Sunsets and overalls. Such an aesthetic photo, too. Watch the sunset with your friends in a comfortable and stylish way! (Pinterest).
This a simple look for a fun summer day. I really like how these different blues go together. (Pinterest )

So those are just base looks to go by for this summer. You can style these pieces with bathing suits, accessories, light or dark colors, etc.

Summer is the time to branch out with your style, so don’t be shy to dress how you want. Let yourself be free in your style this summer!

And, if you’re trying to stay on a budget, try thrifting rather than spending a lot of money on a summer wardrobe. It’s better for the environment!

That’s your style rack for summer 2022. Let’s make it the most fashionable one yet!