Who Will Win?



With all questions one cannot help but wonder who will win.

Miguel Gomez, Writer

In the game of basketball, fans can’t help but go crazy over the NBA Playoffs. Your home team made the playoffs and you have the whole city going bonkers on the progress of every series (series: a round of games in which teams have to win 4 games out of 7 to continue on to the next round). Now is the time to get back at it again with the first round soon coming to an end for the majority of the series. Whether your team is the Warriors, the Suns, the Grizzlies, or the South Beach’s finest Miami Heat, fans sit to watch every game they can watch.

A matchup’s results that has got fans with their minds blown is the Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets showdown. Brooklyn got swept (swept: when a team loses a series 0-4) by the Celtics’ top notch defense. Not only did the Celtics defeat the offensive juggernauts that are Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but they kept them underperforming in the majority of the series with mediocre stats and simply the Nets did not have the defense to respond to the Celtics.

“Brooklyn, honestly I expected more from them because they had KD and Kyrie. I’m also disappointed in Ben Simmons (missing piece to Nets’ defense because he could’ve at least tried to play in game for but he opted out, and I don’t think that’s helping the team a lot. With that push they could’ve won the game, but obviously I know the Celtics are a big power in the East… They’re a good contender,” commented freshman fanatic Marco Prealoni.

Of course, there are teams like the Golden State Warriors, the Phoenix Suns, and the Memphis Grizzlies in the West making noise, but Miami is showing the league they are a different team compared to last year, and the fans know it. This postseason is one filled with high expectations for the Heat and the winning culture they have built with players of the past (because of players like Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh.)

Miami is deadly. I think we have a chance making it into the Finals, and I got it coming down to Golden State Warriors vs the Miami Heat… Last game we did kind of sloppy, but we clutched up and it’s fine because we have big elites.

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s always exciting to put on a game. Even if your team gets knocked out, you want to see the NBA Finals because you’ll end up wondering: Who will win?