Fast Faculty at Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run


Cristina Ramirez, Contributing Writer

More great news!

Out of approximately 10,000 runners, ILS has three in the top 100!
Peter Jude- 9th place
John Ierardi- 34th place
Danny Arguello- 87th place
Out of 277 teams competing the ILS Coed Team placed 1st in the education division and 18th overall!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Peter Jude
John Ierardi
Dilenia Gomez
Camille Wildenburg


The speediest ILS faculty member, Mr. Peter Jude, with Ms. Camille Wildenburg, and Coach Danny “Slim” Delgado. (Cristina Ramirez)
Ms. Patricia Pini, Ms. Colette Varese, Ms. Mavelys de la Rosa, senior Fabiana Da Vila, Ms. Cristina Ramirez, sophomore Mariam Osman, and Ms. Yuliet Vega just before competing at the run where Mariam scored a personal record for her impressive performance.
Dario Bembirbre, Class of 1982 stopped by to wish us well.
Ms. Alishea Jurado, Ms. Mavelys de la Rosa, Ms. Colette Varese, Ms. Yuliet Vega, Ms. Ivonne Alvarez, Ms. Cristina Ramirez, Ms. Yvette Robinson, Mr. John Ierardi, Ms. Monica Orelle, Ms. Laura Moya, Ms. Bella Orelle, Ms. Alejandra Rumbos, Ms. Diaset Cabrera, Ms. Patricia Pini, Ms. Sandra Rodriguez, Ms. Dilenia Gomez, Ms. Chelsea Mateu, Mr. Moises Casado, Ms. Lexi Quintero, Mr. J.C. Moya, Ms. Adriana Arrieta, Ms. Marcela Aguilar, and Mr. Peter Jude.
Ms. Camille Wildenburg, Ms. Chelsea Mateu, Ms. Alejandra Rumbos, Ms. Diaset Cabrera, Ms. Mavelys de la Rosa, Ms. Cristina Ramirez, Ms. Dilenia Gomez, Ms. Sandra Rodriguez, Ms. Yuliet Vega, and Mr. Moises Casada at the starting line. Ms. Gomez, one of the fastest performers, finished the 5K in 19 minutes.


For math teacher Mr. Peter Jude, 10, or better yet top ten, is now more than just a number.

“Peter!!! 10 in the whole race! Amazing!” exulted Dean of Innovation, Mrs. Alishea Jurado, upon learning Mr. Jude placed 10th overall out of 10,000 runners who competed at the annual Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run, Thursday, April 28.

Mr. John Ierardi placed 34th, and sophomore Mariam Osman achieved a personal record.

Thanks to Mr. Jason Hall of Sage Dining for providing beverages, Coach Anthony Vuono for the very bright t-shirts which made the ILS team stand out, and Sister Kim for supporting the endeavor.