The Tradition of Pi day at ILS


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Alyssa Vega, a senior at ILS, enjoyably throwing a pie at a math teacher.

Daniella Jansen, Writer

Pi has been around for 4,000 years to calculate the area of a circle by taking three times the square of its radius. The original Pi symbol “” was introduced in 1706 by William Jones, a mathematician. The infamous Pi symbol is the first letter of the Greek word perimetros. Perimetros can be loosely translated to “circumference.” Originally the Pi symbol wasn’t as popular until a Swiss mathematician, Leonard Euler used it in 1737. How did Pi day even start? A former physicist, Larry Shaw, connected March 14 with 3.14, celebrating the first Pi day at the exploratorium with fruit pies and tea in 1988. Immaculata-La Salle has taken on the fun celebration every year on March 14 by celebrating Pi day in an enjoyable way for students and teachers. For just $15, a student at ILS, can in fact throw a whipped cream pie at his or her very own math teacher. Pi day can also be more than just an activity-filled celebration. ILS has also made it a way to help those in need by donating the profits to a noble cause. This year all the proceeds of Pi day went to the children of Ukraine.

Students at ILS setting up pies with math teacher, Ms. Adriana Arrieta.