ILS Snaps: Leandra Obando – Voice of an Angel


Leandra Obando

Traveling the world just looking to see where life will take her, Leandra enjoys the adventure.

Miguel Gomez, Writer

With all the talent at ILS, we see one mere sophomore girl leave an entire school with their jaws dropped after one song. Her name is Leandra Obando, sophomore, and if you have ever met her, you know how hilarious and kind she is from the start. Her voice can sound so angelic, but she prefers to be humble and just have fun with her friends rocking out to their favorite tunes. Recently, she sang for the first time at Mass with a solo that caught everyone’s attention.

Leandra has trained at School of Rock since age 13, specifically receiving vocal training. She also plays piano, drums, and is learning guitar. Beginning at age 7, Leandra started receiving vocal lessons.