2nd Annual Al Diaz Chasing the Light Contest Shines at ILS


Jude Servius collects his prize for second place in the film category.

Ever want to showcase your photography or film skills? Well, consider submitting your work to the Al Diaz Chasing the Light festival next year.

There are awards for first through third place, along with honorable mentions. Top three in photography and film win various prizes such as gift cards and camera bags. Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions!


First Place: Sixto Pacheco

Second Place: Nicole Gonzalez

Third Place: Lucas Brena


First Place: “The Last One” by Francjose Lopez and Amy Lam

First place film winners, Francjose Lopez (12th) and Amy Lam (12th) alongside judges.

Second Place: “Extrinsic Metamorphosis” by Jude Servius

Third Place: Tie between “Time Traveler” by Deanna Prieto and “Deadlifting” by Luis Sarmiento