La Salle In Color


Ella Perez, Writer

On Monday October 21st, students of ILS will start off their homecoming week with Color Wars. A new tradition is going to be brought to ILS called “La Salle in color” by SGA.

La Salle in Color will occur at the end of the school day on Monday and students will get the opportunity to have a color war with the other classes by throwing colored powder at each other while listening to music played by a DJ. The location is going to be announced that day.

SGA moderator Mrs. Celina Sosa is looking forward to the La Salle in Color.

“It is a quick event, about an hour, and free to everyone to attend,” explained Mrs. Sosa. “The only item that costs is the powder itself. The man idea is symbolic of unity. While we did compete in Color Wars, and the powder is by class, when the powder is thrown in the air, it mixes and makes a beautiful rainbow.

“We are all connected and need each other in that way. It’s a simple event that shows spirit and unity, and the best way to kick off this Homecoming week!”

After Color Wars in the gym, the students will move to the Practice Field. There will be music. The SGA classes will be selling 2 oz cups of powder in the class colors for $1 and the 8 oz yellow powder for $5.

Throughout the years, Color Wars has always been a fun way during homecoming week to differentiate the classes by color. The freshmen have been given the color purple, sophomores orange, juniors blue, and finally the seniors red. 

The day of color wars students come to school decked out in their assigned color by wearing glasses, colorful socks, tutus, capes, and much more for the mini pep rally at the end of the day where classes compete with each other by playing fun games in order to win points for their class.

The class with the most points at the end of homecoming week will win a prize. For example, the seniors last year won and were rewarded Salty Donuts. 

Junior Sophia Rabelo reveals that Party City is the place to go to buy the materials needed to look the best for color wars. 

“By going to Party City, you can buy a bunch of tutus, capes and face paint for the cute dots that go around the eyes, and I’m going to get some, along with beads and things to make noise,” she explained. 

Senior Ariana Perez is looking forward to coming to school in all red and seeing her class showing their school spirit on the bleachers during the color war pep rally united as a class for their last homecoming at ILS. 

“I’m going to buy red clothes to make sure I go all out and promote class spirit so that we can have a really fun day all in red. I am looking forward to the pep rally and seeing everyone in the bleachers all in red, united, and decked out. I hope that the senior class can all have fun together for our last homecoming,” Perez said. 

Homecoming week is a week that all students get excited for during the school year. Color Wars next week is going to be a great day full of school spirit and color.