HoCo Preview for the Juniors

Bianca Sanz , Writer

Homecoming is an annual event that all of the ILS community is involved in. There are activities such as color wars, pep rally, football game, and the homecoming dance.

Homecoming week is the week that grades competed against each other to see who truly is the best grade. Everyday is a new day during that week we’re ILS students get to dress up and show their school spirit.

The 11th graders of ILS have been preparing for homecoming for the past week. Many different students have stayed after school to create decorations and practice class skits.

Every day of the week, La Salle students dress up each day to show school spirit. Some of the days themes include Twin Tuesday, Green and Gold Day, Tacky Thursday, etc. The juniors’ color for Color Wars on Monday is blue.

Junior Mia Page has been helping with preparing for the exciting event.

“I help with the decorations for homecoming after school, which a lot of people go to that. And people are just talking about it, they’re excited about dressing up and having a bunch of different activities throughout the week which should be really fun,” said Page.

ILS has always had the tradition of having themes to every class and having a pep rally at the end of the week, but this year SGA has added a new activity for the week. They have currently added class skits.

“I’m most excited for the class skits, because it’s something that we decided to bring back to La Salle and a lot of people have been involved in it and it’s a really fun time,” said junior and SGA Member Isabella Machado.

One of organizers, junior Class Secretary Ana Marrero, spoke about her thoughts about the thrilling events to come.

“I think homecoming is a time that the school comes together as one. And I especially think we have rivals throughout the week as our grades. But then on Friday we come together as one school. We just show off our class colors and then we get to also welcome back, or alumni, and it just shows us what a great school ILS is,” said Marrero.

At the end of the week, we end with a pep rally, football game against Calvary Christian Academy, and finally the long awaited Homecoming Dance.