What the STEAM Program Has to Offer

What the STEAM Program Has to Offer

Marcella Orlandini, Writer

Just like many other schools in the state of Florida, ILS offers a separate program called STEAM where participants receive a unique diploma at graduation. The term STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This is because the subjects listed are the ones which are included within the curriculum. Specifically, for the ILS community, the main focus is on engineering, digital arts, global business leadership, health science, legal studies, fitness and sports studies. Overall, the STEAM program is greatly beneficial especially in assisting to influence people’s lives and communities while preparing graduates to become contributing members of society as well as global citizens.

The engineering program is well rounded as each year, from 9th grade all the way to 12th grade, there is a different focus on the perspective of the subject. It begins with becoming knowledgeable on the background information on the study of applied engineering and the way it affects daily living. For the remainder of the course, it consists of honors courses in engineering concepts and robotics fundamentals, concluding senior year with the completion of an engineering design project.

Digital arts is also one of the areas. Focusing on Adobe Photoshop at the beginning, this is an online computer software developed by Adobe for image production, graphic design, and photo editing. Throughout the following three years, students explore digital video technology and TV production, or Adobe Illustrator and 3D Animation.

The study of global business keeps students intrigued, as it is based off investigating the key competencies, connections, visions, and interactions between and within firms that successful leaders have used to create successful organizations and businesses. In the end, it provides insights in understanding marketing, accounting, finance, management, international business, economics and entrepreneurship.

It can be said that a great majority of students at ILS take part in the health science program. It begins with a foundation, during freshman year, in developing knowledge in different type of providers, medicine, insurances and hospitals. Moving onto sophomore year, there is a switch into learning about health prescriptions.

“For example prescribing exercise plans, learning about BMI (body-mass index) and resting metabolically,” said STEAM Health Science Coordinator, Mr. Jose Companioni.

Junior year it is mandatory to take anatomy and physiology classes. Finally senior year, with the help of an instructor at Mercy Hospital, health sciences students connect their knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Legal studies is another subject part of the STEAM program. It features comprehending and evaluating the principals and procedures of the judicial system. Therefore legal ethics, systems, and theories, as well as forensic science, criminal justice, and international, and constitutional law are covered.

Lastly, there is the fitness and sports studies, which may occasionally convene with topics studied in the health science program. However, fitness and sport studies revolve around nutrition and health, weightlifting and physical education, anatomy and physiology, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, personal finance, and sports marketing. This field shows a discovery in how the body gets stronger and healthier, and researches how the brain creates habits that affect everyone.

If you’re considering becoming part of the STEAM program, it is important to remember that it provides major benefits by incorporating fun, interactive activities that make these classes much more enjoyable.