Club Fair Comeback


A display for the Purple Hearts Club.

Marcella Orlandini, Writer

The Club Fair is an opportunity for students, especially freshmen, sophomores and possibly transfers as well, to join in the different clubs the school has to offer. This year’s Club Fair, as tradition, was held in the breezeway right outside the cafeteria doors, following into the doors of the Student Learning Center, and finally running along the pathway entering the main building’s first floor hallway. 

The whole purpose of having a Club Fair is to draw individuals with similar interests together, such as music, the arts, or sports. Student participation in clubs fosters a sense of community and teamwork, teaching students how to cooperate to accomplish common objectives while additionally supporting students’ social skill development. 

Overall, everyone has the opportunity to learn from one another during club events, whether they are engaged in group projects or individual ones. They are learning from their classmates and peers in addition to their teachers or club advisors. They learn fresh viewpoints and the value of respecting another person’s aspect on the subject. Clubs also allow pupils to learn the importance of unity, as small communities are created through school clubs which, in turn, support students’ social skill development. Through clubs, classmates can interact, mix, and work with peers from all backgrounds in a different atmosphere. They are encouraged to interact socially with strangers and are pushed to leave their comfort zone. Even while they may find the initial interactions difficult, they will quickly develop lasting bonds. Students gain self-assurance and independence, which opens up many opportunities for them to assume leadership positions and showcase their skills through club activities. Students are able to see how effective and productive they are outside of the classroom as a result of this, increasing their sense of independence and self-confidence.

“I joined like every club, around like seven total!” enthusiastically stated freshmen Valentino Morales-Salas.

This reflects onto the positive effect that the Club Fair holds amongst this year’s freshmen class of 2026, not everyone felt the same way.

“The fair was mostly filled with boring clubs, I wasn’t able to find any club that really called out to me,” said sophomore Gustavo Acosta.

In the end, the Club Fair encourages students to join in a variety of opportunities, including clubs which offer the ability to earn community service hours.