Fall Activities – Florida Style


Alina Figueroa, Writer

The temperature is cooling down and the days are getting shorter.

You know what that means–fall season in here!

Miami doesn’t have a marked fall season. But we all need a change of scenery once in a while. Here are some exciting fall activities that you could do here in South Florida:

1. Pumpkin carving time
Buy a pumpkin and invite your friends over to your house to carve them. Challenge yourselves to carve the spookiest pumpkins. Then, place a light inside the pumpkin to light up its features.

2. Get a warm coffee or a hot chocolate and head for the beach
On a windy night or afternoon, you could go to Starbucks or any coffee shop, and get a warm drink. Then take blankets, a hoodie, and a speaker over to the beach to watch the sunset with your friends!

3. Set up a baking challenge
You gather one weekend and make two groups. You could play some relaxing music and light a pumpkin candle. Decide the amount of time it should take the groups to create their plate and start baking. Whoever has the best design and flavor wins.There should be one person, who did not bake, to decide the winner.

4. Visit Halloween horror nights
Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is an annual event hosted by Universal Studios, a popular attraction park for teenagers and families. Halloween Horror Nights consist of haunted houses and different kinds of characters scaring you while walking around the park. Each year, Universal changes the theme of the houses and the characters. You could go with your friends and have a spooky and exciting weekend!