How To Be the Most Tacky ILS Student


A tacky Homecoming outfit from 2015.

Lia Sarria, Writer

Homecoming Week is in full swing and Tacky Thursday is quickly approaching. Here is your very own step-by-step DIY.

As complicated as it may sound dressing and coordinating an outfit for this theme is quite easy. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready to show the school just how tacky you can be.

First off, walk around your house and find any piece of clothing that has a crazy color scheme or sparkles. After that mix and match any article of clothing you know does not go together. 

Some examples for clothing would be scarves, sparkly shirts, shirts filled with color, neon tights, and any colored pants.

Socks and sandals. So tacky.

Once you have your clothes sorted out, it’s time for accessories. You can use anything you’ve ever bought from party city or target from your childhood or maybe just for a party that had a theme.

For example if you have any wigs, cowboy hats, weird hats, or crowns then you should most definitely come with those on. You can also mix your shoes and wear two different pairs.

When Lauren Alvarez was asked what she was planning on wearing she told us, “I am planning on wearing different types of different styles together”.

She also explained how she is going to prepare, “I’m going to prepare by getting all the clothes together and looking for more ideas online.”

Girls can also do their hair in crazy hairstyles to perfect their tacky outfits. In conclusion to this how to, just wear anything you would never wear out. Have fun and enjoy your homecoming week!