Will Halloween for Seniors come back from the grave?


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

Halloween for Seniors was a tradition at ILS not too long ago that suddenly was buried into the graveyard. Will it come back from the dead?

The event has happened for decades at La Salle, being one of the biggest events of the year. Teachers used to participate along with the students, both going all out. This event was started to bring unity to the class while also having fun and celebrating Halloween. 

Halloween can sometimes be misconstrued as something sinister and no good, but in actuality it’s used to remember the people who have passed on, saints, and martyrs. 

Tricks No Treats Halloween is an evolution of the original ILS tradition, and it’s more in keeping with the school’s identity. This is used by the Social Justice class which is made up of the seniors. 

But, only half the grade level is in Social Justice at the time of Halloween. Therefore, half of the seniors are left out. Is this truly fair to the entire senior class? 

A slight alteration has been added this year. The rest of the school gets to wear Halloween accessories as long as they’re in uniform and follow the rules.

An example would be that students cannot wear masks, face paint, or use fake blood for obvious reasons.

This can be a possible pathway to getting the old tradition back.

If administration would grant us the right to the event, there would obviously have to be rules and regulations to follow in order to ensure that costumes would be appropriate with the dress code and the teachings of the Catholic church.

ILS is all about creating unity through Christ while also having fun in an innocent and loving manner. Let’s take the negativity out of Halloween and make the holiday something seniors can look forward too.