Riverdale’s First Halloween Episode



“Riverdale” aired it’s first Halloween-themed episode last week.

Victoria Betancourt, Writer

“Riverdale” aired it’s very first Halloween episode on October 30, 2019. Spoilers ahead.

As many know, “Riverdale” is all about mystery and the writers definitely didn’t fail to bring that this episode.

The show starts off showing what happened with the video tape shown at the end of the last episode. Video tapes are being sent to everyone in Riverdale, showing hours of footage of their homes. This is warning all the residents in Riverdale that someone is watching them.

After that, all the characters are getting into Halloween spirit as they prepare for the night of festivities. Betty is at home with Jellybean, Veronica is at Pop’s, Archie & Mad Dog are at El Royal Boxing Club, Jughead is at Stonewall Prep, Cheryl & Toni are at Thistle House with Nana Rose, and Reggie and Kevin prepare to start some trouble with the new principle at Riverdale High.

Throughout the hour-long episode, you see some of the characters in Halloween costumes while others are wearing regular outfits or uniforms.

Betty is Laurie Strode from the original “Halloween” movie (1978), Archie is Pureheart the Powerful and Mad Dog is The Shield (designed by another character named Katy Keene in the Comic universe). Cheryl is Poison Ivy, while Toni is Harley Quinn.

Betty’s plotline in this episode is that she keeps getting prank called by a mysterious caller pretending to be her dead father, the Black Hood. Her half-brother that she shares with Jughead, Charles, comes help her find out who it is. It turns out that it was actually her sister, Polly, who is in a mental institute.

While all of this is happening, Jughead is at Stonewall Prep stuck inside a wooden casket. His classmates tell him a myth about the stonewall four, which are four Stonewall students who mysteriously disappeared but in reality they were stuffed into a casket before being bricked up into a brick wall within the school. The next morning they release Jughead and tell him he’s officially initiated into Stonewall Prep.

Meanwhile, Veronica is taking care of Pop’s serving one last customer. However, it turns out that she’s serving an escaped serial killer. Thankfully, she was able to protect herself from getting killed.

Archie and Mad Dog are hosting a Halloween party at the boxing club for the kids in the area while everything else is going on. Drug dealers show up and try to control the kids, ending with a single kid getting shot. However they call the sherif, FP Jones, to the scene and everything is solved.

Cheryl and Toni celebrate Halloween at Thistle House by finding out some interesting news. It turns out that Cheryl was going to have a triplet, names Julian, if she wouldn’t have absorbed him. His spirit lives in a doll created by their mother and he’s currently haunting Thistle House.

Finally, Reggie and Kevin get into some trouble by messing up their principal, Mr. Honey’s, office. They get caught by the principal once they finish. However, Mr. Honey let’s Kevin go since he found out that it was Reggie’s idea. Reggie is forced to clean up the office until it looks exactly like it did before he messed it up. He leaves with the principal in the morning. When they get to the parking lot, Reggie finds his car trashed. This seems like Mr. Honey’s doing.

In true “Riverdale” fashion, there has to be a shocking ending. This time it’s a flash forward to FP Jones and Betty Cooper in a coroner’s office. They go to identify a body which turns out to be Jughead’s.

The show is on The CW and is currently on its fourth season. “Riverdale” is based off the characters and comics of Archie Comics. To keep up with the story, watch “Riverdale” at 8 PM on The CW.