Walk With Me!


Walk With Me! holds its first meeting ever. Via Camila Mendoza

Arianne Cendon-Ruisanchez, Editor

On Monday, October 28th, junior Camila Mendoza launched her new club called ‘Walk With Me!’ in Immaculata-La Salle High School.

Walk With Me!’s objective is to reach out to the Miami special needs community and service them in and outside of school. The members of this club strive to spread awareness for the cause.

Junior Camila Mendoza, founder of the club, fell in love with the type of work and wants to make a change in the world, starting at her school.

“I started this club because over the summer I became a student ambassador for the Miami Learning Experience, which is a special needs school here in Miami,” said Mendoza. “I think so far the club is really coming together and there is a lot of participation!”

This past Sunday, November 3rd, the annual Miracle Walk & 5K for the Down Syndrome Association of Miami was held in Coral Gables.

Their mission, much like Mendoza’s, is to educate the Miami-Dade Community about Down syndrome and to promote widespread acceptance of individuals living with it.

Walk With Me! encouraged ILS students to participate in the event.

“The miracle walk project turned out really well, especially with the extreme short notice on everyone’s part. There was a lot of turnout by La Salle students and so many of us came out and volunteered for something that the club really cares about,” said Mendoza.

This was one of the many Walk With Me! projects that will be hosted this year. The club is currently accepting new members.

For those interested in being involved, email Camila Mendoza at 1009859@ilsstudent.com and add the Showbie code BTKYG!