Pony. Rex Orange County’s new album


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

On October 25th, Rex Orange County released his new album “Pony.”

Alex O’Connor released his first project as Rex Orange County in 2015. His sound appealed not only his fans but also Tyler, the Creator, who recruited the British singer and songwriter for his 2017 album Flower Boy.

After meeting Tyler, he made another album, Apricot Princess, so that people who learned about him from Flower Boy would have something to listen to.

Last week, he released “Pony,” his first album for Sony and the third in Rex’s career. In this new album he sings air being young and in love, about getting getting older but yet not old enough, and about getting stressed out.

Many ILS students are fans of Rex Orange County and enjoy his new album.

“I think that Rex Orange County’s new album is really good, I really like all the songs, especially 10/10 that was my favorite song of the album, and yea overall it was a very nice album,” said junior Jero Canedo.

Many fans like listening to him because of his unique voice. “I think he’s a unique artists because he has a very distinctive voice that like reminds me of an old soul,” said junior Bianca Sanz.

“Pony” is simplistic, clueless, subtlety-free and it seems to be a big hit, and many more are enjoying it.