HOSA hosts first Blood Drive


HOSA hosted it’s first blood drive of the year yesterday.

Noor Andre, Editor

Yesterday, Wednesday November 13th, HOSA hosted their first blood drive this year. The people who participated in this blood drive donated one pint of blood which could be used to save up to three lives.

HOSA is a club here at ILS that explores the different careers in the health science field. Some events this club participates in are blood drives and competing in the annual HOSA competition. 

HOSA stands for Health Occupation Students of America. Students interested in health science are given the opportunity to engage in different activities according to what they are specifically interested in.

The blood received from the donations is used for people who require blood transfusions, surgery, and many more issues. Each pint of blood donated is also used to contribute $20 to a scholarship that is granted to a graduating senior.

They had 41 donors whose donation could save up to 123 lives. The HOSA club greatly appreciates everyone for their donation. 

“Thank you to all the people who participated in the blood drive for their empathy and generosity,” said Camyle Pliopa, junior and secretary of the HOSA club.  

ILS students were also positively impacted by this blood drive. 

“The experience was kinda scary for me since I was really nervous, but in the end I knew I did a good thing and felt like a better person knowing I helped others. I think this is an amazing thing our school does,” said junior Lauren Alvarez.

The HOSA club will he hosting another blood drive sometime in February for those interested in donating again or for the first time.