A Virtual College Fair For Juniors And Seniors


Sophia Rabelo, Writer

From November 18th to 23rd, juniors and seniors are welcomed to an online college fair, and it’s free of charge!

This college fair is for students to be able to research and connect with affordable schools across the USA. Students are more then welcome to join this event, but they must register. If student do not register before fair dates then they will not be able to participate.

This college fair is coming with a great opportunity. Students will be able to talk to admissions counselor on basically anything they’d like, financial aid, admissions, scholarships, school life, and so much more. 

Another amazing thing about the college fair is that, each student that asks a question on the virtual booth, they are given the chance of winning a $300 scholarship! 

All in all the college fair seems like a great opportunity and very educational for us juniors and seniors. 

With all the stress juniors and seniors have for college this college fair is a wonderful way of answering all the question that we don’t know how to answer. 

You can register at www.collegefairsonline.com! Make sure you sign up before it’s to late!