ILS Juniors tour Florida International University


ILS juniors toured FIU on Tuesday.

Noor Andre, Editor

On Tuesday December 3rd, ILS juniors went to Florida International University for a college tour and presentation. They were able to see the school, and talk to admissions counselors as well as current students. 

Students arrived to the campus at 9am and left at 1pm. Their day started with a presentation from one of the admissions counselors. During the presentation, the juniors were guided on the admissions process and requirements to FIU. 

After the presentation, the junior class was separated into four large groups of 25 to 30 students for a tour. During the tour, the juniors walked through the whole FIU campus and even visited dorm rooms. They got to see many of the attributes and benefits that the FIU campus has to offer. 

“I found FIU to be a very relaxed and easy going campus and atmosphere. It made me feel like everyone could connect which made me realize that it was a great place for communal education. This satisfied me because I work really well in groups,” said junior Sophia Rabelo.  

This college visit was beneficial to the whole junior class even if students aren’t planning on applying to FIU. Students were able to experience what a college tour is like.

Students also qualified for a $350 scholarship to FIU just by going to this visit and participating in this experience! 

“The visit was very beneficial and a great experience to every kid that went. Personally, I would rather leave Miami but after this visit, FIU is now definitely an option that I’ll look into,” said junior Lia Sarria