Senior Privileges…Finally!

Seniors enjoying the moment at Senior/Freshmen Unity Day.

Seniors enjoying the moment at Senior/Freshmen Unity Day.

Dominique Gonzalez, Writer

Starting on Tuesday,  January 7, the seniors at ILS will be granted their 3rd quarter senior privileges. 

Seniors will be allowed to wear college sweaters everyday of the week. They will not, however, be allowed to wear college hoodies, t-shirts, or other not college-related sweaters. 

Every Thursday, seniors will be given a dress down day, but they still must follow the dress down guidelines. As a reminder, they are not allowed to wear hoodies, leggings, shorts, slides, flip flops, or jeans with holes. 

Shoe passes will be granted to seniors who pay $15 and donate a pair of shoes. Tickets for the shoe pass will be sold during breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria until Friday, January 10. The shoe must be in good condition and brought in a Ziplock or plastic bag. 

Lastly, the seniors will be allowed access to Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ everyday at 2:20 and during the weekends. The apps, however, won’t be pushed until about two weeks from now. Only those who are not on the D and F list will be granted this privilege.