Senior Scholarship Calendar


Magdalena Bolinaga, Writer

From January to May, there are many scholarship options for the ILS Seniors where they can apply and earn money to pay for college. Mrs. Moya has been sending out emails to the class of 2020 for many opportunities 

First there is the University of Saint Joseph, where a student can be given back $25,000 per year if they fit the criteria of a 3.0 unweighted gpa, 4 years of study from a Catholic school, and enroll as a full time USJ student in 2020.

Another scholarships is the City Property Management HOA and El Dabe Ritter. HOA offers $1000 and Ritter gives $1500 to students around the United States who wish to apply. The deadline for both is in June 2020.

The Princeton Price in Race Relations also gives a cash prize of $1000 and an all-expense-paid weekend to a Symposium on Race at Princeton University, but the deadline is coming soon at January 31st. 

The HSF Scholarship gives from $500 to $5000 to any student of Hispanic heritage that has a minimum of 3.0 gpa, has completed FASFA, and plans to enroll Full Time in an accredited, non-for-profit, 4-year university, during the fall of a scholarship cycle. This deadline is also approaching on February 15, 2020.

Other scholarships are the SP, YDI, and GenM programs that vary in prize from $1,000 to $10,000. The YDI scholarship deadline is on January 29 and the SP scholarship deadline is on January 31st. GenM does have a later due date and it is on March 31st.

Lastly, the Miami Dade College Scholarship Drive is now open for students to apply, and the deadline is May 1st.

There are many opportunities for students to get money for college, so the ILS Seniors should be attentive to the emails that Mrs. Moya sends out about the many different scholarship programs.