Does Social Media make you anti-social?


Lia Sarria, Writer

Miami, Florida- Social Media has taken over the world in so many amazing ways, but has it made society more anti-social than before?

My position in this debate is that it does not make you anti-social to a certain extent. Social Media does not have a limits on who you can talk to on their apps.

By that I mean, you can speak to all different types of people in different countries that you probably would have never met without this technology. In a way technology is making you more social than you’ve ever been.

Social Media has also made it easier to make plans with the friends you can actually see. Instead of having to make the plans while you are all together, you can just send a group text asking who wants to hang out right in the moment you want.

Social Media is now used for not only social purposes but business opportunities. Many people have had their business’ get very big because they made an account which let them inform people quicker on what they were selling. 

The certain extent I was talking about in the beginning I have seen with my own eyes. People getting worked up into the social media and forgetting to communicate with the people around them. If you really can’t control the amount of time you spend on your phone there are ways you can limit a time you can spend on each app.

Some people also like to argue that too much time on Social Media can change your outlook on life because instead of living your life you are comparing yourself to others. 

Once again there is a solution to that “issue” which is to simply not do that. Comparing yourself to others is a very bad habit many people have taken on over the years and can only stop if you choose to stop.

This argument is probably brought up almost everyday by so many people yet no one has seem to agree on an answer. That’s because there will always be an in-between maker on of social media does more harm than good. 

As a teenager in this day in age, I use tech only all day and everyday yet I still have genuine conversations with people and understand when to get off my phone. I know when it’s time to get off my phone and just enjoy the world I live in which is what most my friends do. 

My friends and I have proved to me that Social Media does not make you more anti social but actually help you meet people you would have never thought of.