ILS’s Sound Engineering Students Making Their Own Music

Lasalle sound engineer course


Ryan Desalle, Writer

ILS offers one of the most hands-on and musically fascinating electives, Sound Engineering.

The Sound Engineering class is taught by Mr Alicandu, a new teacher this year at ILS, and consists of two different courses. Sound Engineering 1 and Sound Engineering 2. The class focuses on the deeper insights of music, as well as working with Logic Pro, a music software.

Mr Alicandu is a perfect fit for this class. He graduated with a degree in music and has extensive experience working with Logic Pro. The class focuses on more than just electronic music. It’s also about learning different instruments.

A large proportion of the class is making songs based off three specific chords, a melody and a drum track, which creates a very well-organized song. Each project usually takes an entire a class period to complete and is usually one of the students’ favorite part of the course.

“This is my second year taking Sound Engineering,” said junior Sebastian Wolfe. “The class itself is amazing all around. We are constantly learning new ways to make and produce our own music. We also learn about different types of instruments and how they are played. Mr Alicandu is a very smart teacher for this course. The class is one of my favorite electives I have ever taken. I highly recommend it to students.”

The course is open to music enthusiasts and all sorts of people that are interested in being bake to make and produce there own music. The class is very calm and you work on your own pace when using logic.

“Part of the work we do here is learn how to not only make music but to understand it in further detail,” explained Mr Alicandu, Sound Engineering teacher. “We learn to create, make and produce music of our very own. The main software we use if Logic Pro which allows us to create music. Logic offers a different variety of instruments so the genre of your music can be any type.”

Learn to create music and select sound engineer as an elective, express the way of music through this class and learn to understand music more.