HOSA Excels at Florida Gold Coast Region Awards


23 ILS students placed top-5 at the HOSA regional awards banquet.

Noor Andre, Editor

On February 4th, the HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) Executive Board attended the Florida Gold Coast Region Awards Brunch. This year, 23 ILS students placed top-5! 

In those 23 people, 20 of those students placed top three in their individual categories and advanced to the State competition! 

“This is a tremendous achievement for the club, improving on previous years. We look forward to seeing what the kids are able to do at states and if anyone can progress to nationals in Texas in the summer,” says one of the HOSA moderators Mr. Rydborn. 

The students were able to exceed and accomplish their goals for this 2019-2020 school year.

“Our goal for the 2019-2020 school year was to improve on last year’s total of 10 events that qualified for the State competition in Orlando,” says Dr. Shaw. 

Congratulations to Mr. Rydborn and Mr. Companioni for their hard work and dedication to HOSA and its participants. Also, a huge congratulations to the 20 students who will be representing ILS at States in April! 

  • Julia Taquechel (HOSA Co-president) – 1st Place Clinical Nursing
  • Daniela Armellam (HOSA Co-president) – 1st Place Public Health
  • Julia Campos – 1st Place Public Health
  • Danae Georgiadis – 1st Place Pharmacy Science
  • Carlos Gomez- 1st Place Life Support Skills
  • Gabriella Caputo – 1st Place Medical Innovation
  • Gabriella Piedra – 1st Place Medical Innovation
  • Isabella Scalese – 1st Place Medical Innovation
  • Ernesto Walters – 1st Place Medical Innovation
  • Olivia Kish (HOSA Historian) – 2nd  Place Health Career Display
  • Catherine Medina – 2nd Place Health Career Display
  • Fernanda Cisneros (HOSA Treasurer) – 2nd Place Public Health
  • Emma Obregon – 2nd Place Public Health
  • Sofia Del Oro – 3rd Place Health Career Display
  • Sophie Falkouri – 3rd Place Heath Career Display
  • Ana Marrero – 3rd Place CPR and First Aid
  • Ana Ulivi – 3rd Place CPR and First aid
  • Monika Muller – 3rd Place Medical Terminology
  • Stephanie Ruiz – 3rd Place Researched Persuasive Writing
  • Camyle Pliopa (HOSA Secretary) – 4th Place Pathophysiology
  • Isabela Trespalacios (HOSA Competition Director) – 4th Place Researched Persuasive Writing
  • Ivette Acosta – 5th Place Medical Terminology
  • Larissa Pontes – 5th Place Medical Law and Ethics

They are excited to represent our school and will be using the next few weeks to their prepare for States. 

If interested in joining HOSA, contact either Mr. Companioni or Mr. Rydborn. Students part of HOSA, even those not in STEAM are able to work alongside trained professionals at Mercy Hospital.