The Inside Scoop on Digital Arts STEAM.


Junior, Sofia Farres working on a photo shoot for her company as a project for her STEAM elective.

Sofia Farres, Writer

ILS offers its students many incredible opportunities over their four years. The STEAM program is definitely one of them. 

When students are applying to ILS, they also have the opportunity to apply to the STEAM program, which has 5 different focuses: global leadership, legal studies, engineering, health science, and digital arts. 

All students have to take 4 years of math, science, and their STEAM focus elective. They also have to maintain a portfolio of all their work over the course of their time in the program. 

For the first two years in the STEAM program, students focusing on digital arts learn how to edit videos using Final Cut Pro and how to edit pictures while becoming certified in Adobe Photoshop. 

Once they are exposed to both platforms, they get to choose whether they want to go on the graphic design path, or the digital production path. 

Their decision dictates what STEAM electives they take.

 Students who chose film production last year now take the Digital Production II class with Mr. Taggart and will move on to Digital Production III next year. Students who chose graphics will be taking Graphic Design II and 3D Animation with Ms. Capablanca. 

Throughout their time in the program, the students have been able to prepare for the career paths they want to take in the digital arts field and explore their passions. 

“I get the opportunity to work on one of my passions, editing, in a classroom setting. I’m able to learn more about the ins and outs of Final Cut Pro and the class gives me an excuse to edit whereas if I wouldn’t be taking the class, I wouldn’t have time to,” said junior Fernanda Valdez. 

Being able to grow in their skills and learn from their teachers has allowed the students to flourish. 

“Being able to keep asking questions and looking up tutorials while being guided by my teachers who are professionals in the field has been extremely helpful,” said junior Camila Casique. 

Students have been able to complete many incredible projects. 

Some of these have included the creation of advertisements for an item designed by the global business and engineering classes, photo shoots for the students’ companies, “See The Good. by Sofi” and “M&M Creations,” an elaborate video of junior, Giulia Spagnolo’s pet snake, and many more. 

“The best part of being in digital arts steam is getting to be creative and collaborate with other students to make our ideas reality,” said junior Mariana Bujalil. “In just 2 and 1/2 years I’ve learned Final Cut Pro and have been certified in Adobe Photoshop. It’s incredible.”