Things to give up for Lent

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Paola Rodriguez, Writer

Ash Wednesday marks the first day of lent, and it starts on February 26. The season of lent is basically a time of reflection and preparation for Easter. On Ash Wednesday, we attend mass, and get the sign of the cross marked on our foreheads with ashes; this shows repentance. 

During the season of lent, people usually will choose to give something up. The question still ponders in some people’s mind-What do I give up? Lent is all about repentance. Therefore, you should give something up that will be difficult, but worth it. 

There are some people that do not take lent seriously, and will only give up a food or a beverage since it does not effect them that much. Instead, you should be de-attaching yourself from the negative things in your life, even if it is just for 40 days. 

People recommend giving up gossiping, being on their phone for hours on-end, etc. There are many things that you can do during the lent season, that does not necessarily have to be giving something up. At the same time, you can be taking up a challenge or task, and exploring new things to do in those 40 days. By exploring, you can learn more about your interests. 

“For lent, I usually give up a specific junk food that I love. But starting last year, I took up learning a new language for 40 days, and I continue to this day-to learn more about the new language. It helped me realize my interests and what I enjoy. It definitely was a challenge that I had to push myself to do, but it was worth it. I recommend doing this and seeing what you like”, Jimena Vazquez, Junior. 

Below is a list of various ideas on what to give up for lent;

  • Food
  • Gossiping 
  • Judging 
  • Phone limiting
  • Social Media
  • TV
  • Video Games
  • Spending less money

Below is a list of various ideas on what to challenge yourself with, and things to take up;

  • Learning a new language
  • Being more focused on school work
  • Working out
  • Getting a job
  • Find a hobby
  • Watch sports
  • Cooking/baking
  • Join a sport

All of these are great ideas either way. They will benefit you in many ways, and might even change your perspective on a few things. 

ILS will be having a school mass on a February 26, celebrating Ash Wednesday. Lent lasts 40 days, but we encourage you to continue your challenge in giving something up. Have a great lent season, and we wish you the best of luck in finding a new interest!