Royal Idol Auditions are Happening!


Noor Andre, Editor

Royal Idol auditions will take place February 20th and February 21st after school in the Black Box. There are no set requirements other than to bring your best talent! 

There are no specific categories of performances that can be performed at auditions. The auditions will determine what the show will be, meaning the categories will be set around what is found during auditions. 

Auditions will occur at a first come, first serve basis. There will be a sign up sheet located outside of the black box. 

Auditioners do not need to attend both auditions, attendance is only required at one audition to participate. 

Miss Sosa who is in charge of royal idol has words of advice to those auditioning. 

“Never be nervous! We’re in the trust circle. This is an event to have fun and showcase your talent, so don’t be afraid to be yourself. When all else fails, picture your judges with puppy ears. Who doesn’t like puppies?”

Royal Idol is an “America’s Got Talent”-style variety show here at ILS that will take place on March 27th. This years theme is “The Greatest Show,” based on the Broadway show and popular musical movie. 

If you are not participating in Royal Idol, you should still attend this very fun event to support your friends!

Sosa says, “This event is a celebration of all that is ILS—great and talented students that we are proud to see show off what they are good at doing outside of academics. We pride ourselves in having well-rounded students, and this is a way to see what else our students can do. Everyone should attend because we support our friends and students at this school, and the night is always a great time.”

Email Mrs. Celina Sosa or Ms. Lexi Quintero if you have any questions.