How to Prepare for College


Students walking to their college class.

Dominique Gonzalez, Writer

I know all of us have longed for the end of senior year and a new beginning at college, but we definitely didn’t expect senior year to fly by so fast. Seniors, spring is approaching, and in a couple months we will be starting college and beginning a brand new chapter of our life,— isn’t that excited, yet terrifying?

It is important that we make the most of what we have left of senior year. It is unfortunate that a large majority of the grade has that “I’m too cool for this” mentality. Who cares? Go to prom, go to Grad Bash, these are the memories that will last. I used to have that mindset and I always ended up regretting not going to a school dance or any event. It’s better to wish you didn’t go than to wish you did.

We also shouldn’t be allowing our grades to drop. I know seniorities hits hard, especially with the fact that graduation is a few months away, but don’t let it overpower you. It would be absolutely devastating if the college of your dreams revoked your admissions because of your 2nd semester grades. 

Other than enjoying every last bit of our senior year, we should also be physically and mentally preparing for college. Some things we can do to prepare is working on time management and independency. 

In college, studying for an exam the night before won’t work, so we should all work on spending a little bit every day studying, even if the assessment is weeks away. In the end, this dramatically make all of our lives easier, and ensures that we all pass. 

If you haven’t gotten a job yet, get one soon. College is all about independency and it’s important than we can adjust to that sense of independency faster and more efficiently. Plus, we’re going to need all the money we can get. 

Sasha Kuntz explained what she is doing to prepare for college herself: 

“I am preparing for college by getting my registrations forms done and also by mentally preparing myself for independence and the responsibilities I need to take on.”