How To Survive the End of 3rd Quarter


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

With the end of the third quarter coming up next week Friday, the 13th, many students are stressed. Many students complain that they don’t have enough time to bring their grades up because after all they only have a week left.

Junior Alexandra Soler says she’s very stressed with the end of the third quarter coming up because juniors have also their ACT to take in March.

“I am doing SAT tutoring and it’s a lot right now between school and tutoring and trying to get the right score to get into the school of my choice,” said Soler.

Other students feel like nothing prepared them for how much work they would get in this third quarter.

“I feel like the first semester was way easier, nothing prepared me for how stressful the third quarter was going to be. And it’s a lot of work especially with the ACT coming up,” said junior Kamilla Betz.

From last quarter to now Ms. Cuesta, English teacher says she’s seen a lot of growth in students and their knowledge.

“I have definitely seen growth from students. I think a lot of it has to do with adjusting to the new class schedules and teachers, but ultimately, the students are growing in their capacity to understand and in their knowledge of the content. I’m seeing students’ vocabulary expand, writing skills improve, and even their communication methods are getting better,” said Ms. Cuesta.

Some tips Ms. Cuesta has given is to

  •  Organize your week early on.

“Organize your week early on. Between 3 teams that I coach and all that I have to grade and lesson plan, the only way I don’t constantly lose my mind is by organizing what I have to do and when I plan on doing it. This organization can be tedious, but it keeps me focused, and I feel more in control over my workload,” says Ms. Cuesta.

  • Take a break from your phone

If you make a list with your assignments due dates for the week you can easily go back and check what you have completed and what you haven’t, so you stay in track.

“Put your phone in another room when you’re trying to get work done. After 20-25 minutes of working hard, reward yourself, but seriously set a timer because 5 minutes can easily turn to 2 hours,” added Ms. Cuesta.

As much as we don’t like to admit it this generation is addicted to their phones, so if you have a lot of work to do put your phone down. You will not only finish your work faster but you will also concentrate more!


“Make sure you sleep. You can’t perform well if you’re not sleeping. If work is the issue, try planning out your week like I mentioned above. If your phone is the issue, cure your addictive habits by setting restrictions. Trust me, sleep beats any TikTok video that you’ll probably see the next day,” said Ms. Cuesta.

Many students lack a lot of sleep and that leaves them really tired during their classes and that causes them to pay less attention to their important classes. If you’re lacking, you should probably sleep.

Ms. Cannon hopes that in the 4th quarter students try their best to finish the school year with good grades.

“Hopefully they finish the race strong and don’t have Junioritis or Senioritis and to really just finish well too so they can be proud of themselves that they really did the best they could till the end.”

Take these tips to make your life easier at the end of the next quarter!