Netflix App on the iPad?


Paola Rodriguez, Writer

Netflix is a TV/movie streaming service. It requires an $8.99 monthly fee, but will give you access to millions of HD movies and tv shows. 

At ILS, we use an app called manager that works as an App Store for students. Teachers and staff will be able to do push out apps to manager and students can then download them. ILS restricts the app during school hours because it can become distracting for most students. Although, by using the Apple restriction, the school can limit students to only using the app after school.

Although, ILS restricts the app version of Netflix and the web version. Students can’t access this streaming device on the iPads. Students wish that they could use it not only in school, but at home as well. 

Apple has a new system in which they can restrict an app for a certain number of hours. This would be a great idea for our iPads. The tech team can restrict Netflix for the 7 hours that we are here in school. That way, we can have access to the app when we are at home.

During our breaks and summer, ILS allows you to download the app on the iPad, as well as Disney Plus. This is a privilege that we are all very grateful for, but students wish to have the app unrestricted everyday of the year. 

I am not only speaking for myself, but for the student body. We don’t mind if the app is restricted throughout the school day, but we would love if we could have access to this at home. 

“I wish that they would let us have it on the iPad. I don’t even care if we can’t use it throughout the school day. Just by using it at home, I would be satisfied. I don’t have a TV in my room, and by having access to Netflix on my iPad, I can just watch it more comfortably,” said junior Alexia Menendez.

By using this new Apple technique, students will have a more conventional way to stream their favorite movies and tv shows. 

“Since the years in high school are very stressful, and full of work, it is important that we have some way to relax,” said sophomore Alvaro Amat. 

High school can stress you out, and sometimes you just need to disconnect from all of the school work, even if it’s just for an hour. By providing us with Netflix, you can help minimize our stress levels, and can help us disconnect from problems. 

This app in enjoyable, and used by millions of people. Help us enjoy our time away from school and enjoy a good movie and/or tv show.