‘On My Block’ Season 3 Recap & Review


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Ella Perez, Writer

On Wednesday March 11, Netflix released season three of On My Block. On My Block is a Netflix coming of age comedy series that is about four best friends Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar who are in high school and work together to face many challenges.

The show is set in a neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles, where gangs such as the Santos live. Cesar and his older brother Oscar Diaz, also known as “Spooky” are apart of the gang. Throughout the seasons, Monse and Cesar have a rocky romantic relationship. 

Season two ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving its audience worried and confused. Monse announces that she was leaving her friends and will be attending Mayfield Girls Academy, an all girls boarding school, in the fall. It is not until her and her three best friends are kidnapped and taken away in a van, does she realize that she may have to rethink moving away. 

At the very beginning of season three, the leader of the Santos, Cuchillos, is revealed to be the kidnapper. She wanted to thank them for their help in taking out another gang called the Prophets and congratulate them for finding the Rollerworld money, all challenges faced in season one and two. She then proposes a new challenge for them. 

She wants them to find Lil’ Ricky, the man who started the Santos and was involved in the ‘81 Rollerworld heist. He was said to have died nineteen months later in prison, so they believed. Cuchillos led the audience to believe that he is alive and they used to date.

She wants them to find him by August because it is the 40th Hood Day for all Santos and she will give them back the Rollerworld money. She also threatened the fate of their families if they do not find him. 

Jamal begins the investigation right away by digging up Lil’ Rickys grave, to find that it bodiless and only has a skeleton gnome laying down in a coffin holding a cross that says “Santos”. The four best friends go to their friend Jasmine for help on the investigation, where she helps them get into the police database.

During the search for Lil’ Ricky, the unexpected return of Cesars dead beat dad after 12 years leaves him in shock. Also, Monses mother who left her at a young age and recently reconnected with her, passes away. 

The group tried to connect Lil’ Rickys location to his missing cousin Chivo’s DNA, but was only able to come up with a few suspects. As they searched for their suspects, they found an exterminator and a music producer known as “Father Goose,” who did not speak spanish. After being misled several times, they realized that they have the wrong suspects. 

Thanks to Rosé, the woman Lil’ Ricky had an affair with, the group was able to come to the conclusion that Cuchillos  only wants to kill him and they are the disposables. 

Before Cuchillos can get to them, Oscar saves them by setting up a fake meeting with the 19th street gang. They want want to take the Jefferson territory from Cuchillos, which is why they help Oscar in leading her into a trap and eventually getting her out of the way. The group never finds Lil’ Ricky in the end of the season, leaving the audience questioning. 

The season ends with Monse leaving the group to go to her new school. Then, it jumps two years and takes an unexpected turn when it shows the group is all separated. Monse is at her boarding school, Jamal rejoins the football team, Ruby and Jasmine formed a romantic relationship, and Cesar now leads the Santos. Oscar has a wife and a baby on the way. 

On My Block is one of my favorite shows because I love its comedy, drama, and suspense. This show always has me on my toes and I never get tired of it. I also like that it has 8 to 10 episodes per season, so I can finish it in a weekend.

I will say it is not my favorite season because season one was the best, but I would definitely recommend this show for anyone looking for something to watch during the quarantine season.