Staying Fit in Quarantine


ILS Weight Training classes have put together a series of home workouts.

Alexia Menendez, Writer

While we are keep ourselves safe from the dangerous disease spreading around the country, coronavirus has kept up inside away from the rest of the world. All gyms are shut down and closed until further notice, until COVID-19 in under control.

Need a way to stay fit during quarantine? Well, the ILS Athletic Department is putting together home workout routines for all students, faculty and staff to try. Coaches have rallied together to develop workout routines and exercises for their teams and the school community at large.

We hope this can keep our minds off the distractions and kick our bodies into motion!”

— Coach Gomez

ILS Athletic Director, Nick Fernandez, has encouraged the coaches to develop these exercises. “Getting outside for some physical activity has been encourage during this time of isolation for not only our physical health but our mental health,” said Fernandez via email.

Experts say that, for the most part, the activity, along with walking, may be one of the only safe and healthy things people can do outside the home, even while social distancing and self-quarantine.

“Running outside remains an incredibly good workout option in the midst of the COVID-19 scare,” Dr. Jebidiah Ballard, an emergency medicine physician told

Coach Nate Gomez, the head baseball coach and ILS’s strength and conditioning coach, teaches Weight Training at school. He and his class have developed a workout program to follow.

The program features three different types of workouts, and the class recorded three videos for people to view.

“We hope this can keep our minds off the distractions and kick our bodies into motion!” said Coach Gomez via email.

The hope is to stay safe and be able to workout and stay fit. Follow these exercises and you will stay healthy until quarantine finishes.