Stay At Home Portion Control & New Sage Recipes


Portion control is one step closer to a healthier life via New York Times

Ella Perez, Writer

Since March 16th, students and faculty have been in quarantine and have been eating from home. Eating from home can either be one of the best things that has happened to the ILS community or the worst.

When students were in school, they only had breakfast, lunch, and the vending machines, meaning that they did not have a stocked pantry to eat from throughout the day like they do now. 

Because of quarantine, parents might have bought extra snacks and groceries for the house. As a form of habit, students may be finding themselves opening the refrigerator and the pantry frequently.

Students are not getting as much exercise during the day as they were when they were switching classes around campus, so this calls for trying to eat better and most importantly portion control. 

Portion control is extremely important when trying to live a healthier lifestyle and not overindulge in food. According to MD Anderson Cancer Center, when people eat more after their body has reached the point of fullness, the stomach expands from its regular size to be able to take in the large amount of food, which then can lead to weight gain and a higher risk of getting cancer. 

Overeating can also make people feel fatigue and tired.

Additionally MD Anderson Cancer Center stated that,  it can affect peoples ability to sleep because the 24 hour internal clock or circadian clock, which controls sleep cycles, may cause the hunger and sleep hormone levels to be unsteady. This disrupts the brains rhythm, causing some difficulty when attempting to sleep. 

For portion control, use portioned sized containers to help you figure out the correct amount of how much you should be putting on your plate. It may be easier to plan your meals ahead so that you know what your going to eat and how much.

Since there is not a variety of things to do during quarantine, maybe write down what you eat and how much on a notebook to keep yourself on the right track. Do not watch tv while eating because that will distract you from paying attention to the amount you are intaking and may cause you to overeat. 

Finally, ILS food company Sage is doing daily cooking videos for all to enjoy. These videos include recipes and instructions on how to make different delicious meals such as baked mac and cheese, roasted beet bowl, and much more. So far there are ten videos, so if you are thinking about your next meal, check out these great recipes. 

During this quarantine season, be aware of how much you eat and most importantly stay safe.