Mental Health In the Midst of a Pandemic


Magdalena Bolinaga, Writer

Staying home and practicing social distancing is essential in the midst of a pandemic, but mental health also needs to be taken care off specially science the COVID-19 has created so much anxiety and fear among people.

Possible mental health effects that are caused by the Coronavirus include: fear, sadness, insomnia, anger, confusion, stress, emotional exhaustion, and depressive symptoms. Dealing with all these symptoms is different for everyone, but there are some tips on how to keep a good mindset and avoid being distressed.

First, it is important to establish a routine. Having a disruption of day to day life is one of the most difficult things to deal with in quarantine, but making a new routine makes the days go by faster and brings order back to daily life.

Staying active is essential to a healthy mind, specially when people are stuck at home. Whether it is taking a walk around the block or doing excersises at home, it is important to move the body since it improves physical and mental health. 

It is also good to try to combat boredom or frustration. Try to always stay busy either doing work, playing games, or painting. Whatever it is, getting things done provides a sense of purpose and something to look forward to everyday.

Communication with people family and friends is also really important specially in isolation. If people are doing quarantine with their family they should try to eat together or do activities that provide communication. With people outside the household, try to FaceTime them or call them to talk and keep contact.

An essential is to also stay informed, but also don’t get overwhelmed with extra information. A peace of mind is knowing what is happening and how to prevent getting the virus, but some reports focus on overly negative situation that cause even more anxiety. Sources such as, the CDC, WHO, and state and local health departments are great for accurate information.

In order to keep a good mindset people must remind themselves why they are doing the quarantine and social distancing. In order to flatten the curve people must stay home. Every day that is spent at home helps to contain the virus and save more lives.

The entire world is now suffering form COVID-19, so just remember that everyone is in this together. The ILS community will always look out for each other, and specially in times like these. So try to stay home and think of the positive side of things like spending time with family and focusing on the good rather than the bad.