Deadline Extended for “Inklings” Magazine Submissions


Inklings is the literary and arts magazine published yearly by ILS.

Dominique Gonzalez, Writer

“Inklings” is a magazine that acts as a venue to display the artistic abilities of ILS students— those talents ranging from writing to paintings. 

The purpose of the magazine is to just capture the moments. I’m looking forward to including some of what we’re working on right now.”

— Mrs. Roman-Gonzalez

There will be different areas that will be covered coming the release of this magazine. One area consists of all kinds of poetry, typically paired with with paintings or pictures. Mrs. Roman-Gonzalez explained to the Royal Courier more about this area of the magazine. 

“So we’ve been able to actually combine a poem written by somebody with a picture drawn or illustrated by somebody else and they come together perfectly.”

Another area of the magazine will be all about fantasy. It will be filled with fantasy characters and world created by the Creative Writing students earlier this year. There’s also another section specifically for short story excerpts, Mrs. Roman elaborated a bit on this section as well. 

“In some cases, we were not able to include the entire story because it was too long, but we were able to include the essence of the story. There’s a lot of variety in the stories added, so there’s a bit of everything. One of the greatest things I like about it is the variety.”

Mrs. Roman explained that the “Inklings” magazine was supposed to be submitted and prepared for release already, but because of the worldwide pandemic going on, the deadline has been extended. 

Creative Writing students bring fantasy characters to life.

“I was supposed to send a final draft of it at the end of March so that we can have hard copies of the magazine— because this is supposed to be something you take away with you, a hard copy magazine— by the end of April. It takes pretty much a full 3 weeks to get it printed, put together, and delivered. But, obviously, it’s not gonna happen because the publication company itself is now on hold.”

She’s decided that now would be the perfect opportunity to add in content that wouldn’t have been added before, such as the projects regarding COVID-19 she’s assigned her Creative Writing students these last couple of weeks. 

“The purpose of the magazine is to just capture the moments. I’m looking forward to including some of what we’re working on right now. So, hopefully, we can do a whole spread on being at home, studying, and learning from home— which will also be captured by you, the ILS students.”